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Mimosa C5 default IP address is

Mimosa C5 default password is mimosa

Fallback IP Address

New persistent fallback IP address of

Kết quả hình ảnh cho mimosa c5 default ip address

In addition to the C5 mimosa default IP of, this non-routable IP address is always reachable regardless of a manual or DHCP assigned IP address to C5.

It is recommended to this new persistent IP address when using auto-provisioning to prevent loss of connectivity to the C5.

Most laptop DHCP clients will default to an IP address this subnet, making connectivity to an un configured C5 extremely easy.

Fallback IP Address

Mimosa C5 Default IP Address

Mimosa C5 client radios can be accessed via the wired interface, which can either be set manually to a static IP or changed dynamically via DHCP. 
Notes: The wired Ethernet interface is configured by default to use DHCP with a static failover to the IP address in the table below.

ValueWired Ethernet*Fallback IP Address
IP Address192.168.1.20169.254.200.20
Subnet Mask255.255.255.0255.255.0.0

* Addressing available with 2.4.0 or newer.

IP Address Discovery

C5 Tdma@2X

Run the following command from the command line to discover the Mimosa C5 IP addresses of any directly connected Mimosa devices.  The string "20:B5:C6" is an Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI), which is the first half of the MAC address assigned to Mimosa devices.  After executing the command, the IP address will be shown for each device. 

Windows / DOS:

arp -a | findstr -i 20-B5-C6 

Mac / Linux:

arp -a | grep -i 20:B5:C6

No CDP / LLDP Support

Mimosa C5 radios do not respond to either CDP or LLDP at this time.


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